Men called by God, qualified by scripture, empowered by the Holy Spirit, committed to the service of First Baptist Church, Inc. for the growth of God’s kingdom.


  • To provide encouragement and support for those members who are sick at home or in the hospital
  • To provide comfort and support during the times of sorrow and grief to members
  • To help those in times of financial crises through our Benevolence Fund
  • To support under the leadership of our Pastor, the ministries of First Baptist Church
  • To promote and protect a biblical spirit of unity within First Baptist Church
  • To identify, recruit and develop future servant-minded leaders of First Baptist Church
  • To assure that the administration of the church is in congruence with the First Baptist Church of Clinton, Inc bylaws and constitution
  • Support our pastor in his endeavors and work
  • Visit the sick and shut-in and grief stricken members
  • Support and attend the Deacons and ministers conferences which are sponsored by Western Union Association
  • Sponsor a workshop for the Deacons and other officers of the church to enhance their leadership skills

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