To encourage men, young men, and boys to extend their witness and ministry beyond themselves to bring persons to Christ and to glorify God.


  • To provide Christian education and meaningful fellowship for men and boys
  • To develop and participate in Laymen’s work at church
  • To encourage men to support the Laymen’s work at state and national level
  • To provide opportunities and support the organizing and work of boys in the church
  • To enlist men in active Christian service
  • To cooperate with the Pastor, officers, and other organizations of the church
  • To reach unsaved men with the Gospel and to win them to God
  • To support other Baptist groups in our area
  • Teach the Bible
  • Teach the role of the church in missions
  • Lead men to respond to imperative projects of church
  • Become very active in community
  • Assist with black history program planning
  • Develop leaders within the church and community
  • Teach Sunday School classes
  • Participate in church athletic programs
  • Coordinate field trips

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