To serve as the primary teaching arm of the church. Its textbook is the Bible and it seeks to enlist the saved and unsaved in the study of God’s word. The Sunday School is committed to reaching persons for Bible Study, teaching God’s word and responding to the needs of all persons.


  • To help students know and accept how much they are loved by God
  • To guide and encourage each student towards a personal relationship with God
  • To foster a sense of belonging to the community of faith
  • To encourage a love of reading God’s word in the Bible
  • To teach students the contents of the Bible and how to use it
  • To encourage character building, love, generosity, honesty and commitment
  • To develop a sense of mission of giving as a response to God’s love
  • Sunday School classes held every Sunday at 9:30 am
  • Teachers workshops
  • Teachers appreciation dinner
  • Back to School workshop and supplies
  • Black History Month celebration
  • Easter program
  • Christmas program
  • Assistance with church picnic

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