To equip our youth for the future. To provide our youth with creative ideas, involvement, and programs that will help them to be committed to taking the next spiritual step toward Christ-likeness.


  • To lead our youth into a relationship with Jesus Christ as their savior and Lord
  • To establish youth as disciples, characterized by a life of holiness expressed through devotion, worship, fellowship, stewardship, and witness
  • Social Activities: Parties, lock-in, district events
  • Spiritual events: promote and encourage attendance at annual district events
  • To involve youth in service to the local church (ushers, choir members, special projects, sound system operations), service in the community (yard work and other small projects for the elderly, buying gifts for needy children)
  • Attend Sunday Schools and youth church, attend Bible Study
  • Seek to have positive attitudes
  • Active and frequent interaction between adults and youth

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